We have to invest in our future. If West Virginia is going to endure we must invest into the next generation. We have to change the way we view it and support the teachers, who are on the front lines of the fight towards a brighter future.


Far too often are families of working class people worried about stability. Every day we see more bad news about the losing of coal jobs and the lost opportunities. In the end, only the working people suffer. Good paying jobs are leaving and so are the great people who wish to stay but can’t due to the circumstances given from high taxes and lack of opportunity. We must roll back taxes that inhibit our local stores from investing more jobs into the community, the small business that just wants to support the community but can’t due to not being able to support his family due to regulations and codes that are next to impossible to keep updated. Open WV back up for business and we can start seeing brighter futures on the horizon.

Drug Crisis

West Virginia has one of the highest rankings of overdoses in the nation. Too often do we see lives, families, and communities torn apart by addictive drugs. We must change the way we see harmless, non violent addicts and seek more towards rehabilitation. Those that want help should have the opportunity to get it and become working class members and contributors to society.


I am a strong believer in small government. Taxes are a necessary evil but at the end of the day no one likes giving their hard earned money to a government that mismanages their earnings. My philosophy is by balancing the budget and paying for what is necessary we can try and keep the money in the pockets of the working class people.

Labor Unions

I am a full supporter of the hard work labor unions do for the working class. I will support their existence and help to promote their values of protecting and fighting for hard working people.