Meet the Candidate

Receving the Prestigious National Marine NROTC Scholarship

In High School Darton worked hard to get to where he is today. He would apply for the prestigious National Marine Option NROTC Scholarship in hopes to lead Marines following college. He would be awarded the scholarship in March of 2018.




He would attend school at Rochester Institute of Technology for his freshman Year, where he would begin his training to become a Marine Officer.



Flight training in San Diego, CA.

After finishing his Freshman year at RIT. He would be sent to San Diego, CA for military training. His first assignment as a member of the military reserve. After four weeks of training he was certain that serving people was going to be his life mission.




IMG_3916 2

Unfortunately, his life would drastically change when he would be admitted to the hospital at the start of his second year in college. He would later find out that his aspirations and the manner of which he can serve people would permanently change.








IMG_3917 2
In Mon-General Hospital following his first procedure of many that week.

He would later be diagnosed with an active form of Crohn’s Disease. This would alter his life and eventually would force him out of the military pipeline. He was crushed and his dreams and goals of becoming a Marine Officer have been devastated.











Despite losing his dream aspirations he would decide to get up, trust in God’s plan, and live out his passions for serving in a big way. He would decide to run for public office where he believes he can help the hard working, dedicated, friends and family of the Mountain State back home in West Virginia.




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Thomas Follman (Left) and Darton McIntire (Right). Darton attending OCS Graduation ceremony to support his fellow peers in accompishing and earning the title of Marine.


He cannot wait to meet and serve you! One of his favorite things to do is meet new people, hear ideas, and become fighters for a better future. We can create a better tomorrow, together! Reach out to him about your concerns within your community! He is looking to listen and promote the passion he has for West Virginia onto you!