Opinion: Why Universities Need to Prepare for Online Classes This Summer Instead of Trying to Open in The Fall

Colleges and Universities in the United States, due to reasonable suspicion, need to prepare for having online classes in the fall instead of hoping for residential learning. Colleges were among one of the first institutions to be shut down following the news of COVID-19. We can suspect that they will be among the last to reopen. There are reasonable suspicion colleges won’t be allowed to have unrestricted classes in the fall, college students may not want to take the risk, and we need to dispel the fear that online education is the second tier.

It is reasonable to suspect that most colleges and universities won’t be allowed to have unrestricted classes starting in the fall. Most colleges have classes consisting of persons from multiple states and different backgrounds. The government will view this as a hotspot for spreading the virus. To avoid being possibly responsible for a “second wave” they will most likely mandate online learning. There will also be a concern for international students and their home countries. College students may not want to take the risk of being exposed and spreading the virus.

College takes place during the most vulnerable time for the spread of disease, wintertime. The flu spreads very quickly on college campuses and we can only assume that the coronavirus would too. Students most likely, if given a reliable option for online learning, would choose to stay at home to learn while deeming safe from potentially spreading the virus.

Online education is not the second tier. This is the ideal opportunity to prove that online is the future of learning. Most students would love to save “Room and Board” each year and receive their college degree. This is the opportunity colleges have to prove that they can be competitive and cost-effective by implementing online learning on a larger scale when the stakes are higher.


Darton McIntire

Darton McIntire, a WV House District 50 Republican Candidate, is a Pre-Law Student and hopeful servant in the WV Legislature. He addresses his concerns with the direction of the country, the state, and his local cities in writing for people to read. His main goal in writing is to provoke critical thinking and promote government accountability. He promotes small government and looks to protect our inalienable rights granted in the Constitution.