The Government Admitted It Doesn’t Care About Young Adults, Here’s How

The US Government recently passed the CARES Act, a stimulus bill aimed to keep the US economy maintained through the pandemic crisis, and it disregarded young adults. It provided no income for them during the crisis. The US Government bill ignored young adults’ plea to participate in the stimulus check, provided no funds for persons claimed as dependents, and left unemployed entry-level workers a harder path towards receiving unemployment benefits.

First, young adults were given no funds from the stimulus checks.
The CARES Act bill passed granting qualified persons $1,200 and $500 for each dependent unless the dependent is over seventeen. Persons seventeen and eighteen are typically more expensive than persons sixteen and younger. They are more expensive when considering car, gas, insurance, etc that tends to follow a typical seventeen+-year-old lifestyle. The solution would have been to include all dependents, regardless of age, to be granted the $500 to the person who has claimed them on their taxes. They, typical of government, got this decision wrong.

Secondly, if you are unemployed you must file a claim to receive benefits and the protocol is to have a minimum of 12-18 months’ work experience proven when filing. The typical entry-level worker, either recently graduated from high school or college, do not have this qualifying work experience. This creates a claim that will not be validated and will not allow them to receive benefits. The solution was to use PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) which opens up more possibilities to receive benefits. This is a good solution, but it is not a quick process. It takes several more weeks to receive any benefits and some people are going 6+ weeks with no income. This should have been offered several weeks before to accommodate the needs of unemployed entry-level workers.

The Federal Government completely ignored young adults in helping them maintain through the crisis and the state government didn’t provide any route of easily obtaining help through this pandemic. This will need to be changed following the pandemic to prepare for a repeat situation.


Darton McIntire

Darton McIntire, a WV House District 50 Republican Candidate, is a Pre-Law Student and hopeful servant in the WV Legislature. He addresses his concerns with the direction of the country, the state, and his local cities in writing for people to read. His main goal in writing is to provoke critical thinking and promote government accountability. He promotes small government and looks to protect our inalienable rights granted in the Constitution.