OPINION: Our Lives are Being Decided by One Man and That’s a Problem.

This pandemic exhibited the lack of preparedness by our State and Federal governments, displayed the need for protocol presuming a future threat, and demand for elected officials in the legislature to have a special joint committee in session to form the response. The Coronavirus has devastated the economy, unexpectedly ended events until further notice, and put our lives in the hands of only the Governor’s office and its interests. The public deserves transparency on the protocol and legislators need to have a voice in deciding the response.

First, the Federal and State governments were unprepared to handle a pandemic. The lack of transparency has created distrust by those who are growing uneasy with a needed timeline. It is natural to distrust the government, which is deserving due to a lack of confidence.  We needed the “reopen” timeline given by the governor earlier. Then the people can hold our elected officials to those standards and know the plan that is in place.

Secondly, the need for protocol presuming an inevitable future threat. A need for a set plan to follow before a stay at home order is in place. We need classifications given to businesses, when they apply for their business license, of whether they are essential during a crisis. This removes favoritism from the executive office which may have business interests in the state. We need to remove favoritism by creating a protocol before the pandemic begins.

Lastly, multiple elected persons need to manage virus response. The Governor should have called a special session and requested a joint committee, made up of experienced members of the Senate and House who have worked in health and business, to help make decisions on the response. Legislators have a closer relationship with constituents than the executive office and can better formulate public opinion.


Darton McIntire

Darton McIntire, a WV House District 50 Republican Candidate, is a Pre-Law Student and hopeful servant in the WV Legislature. He addresses his concerns with the direction of the country, the state, and his local cities in writing for people to read. His main goal in writing is to provoke critical thinking and promote government accountability. He promotes small government and looks to protect our inalienable rights granted in the Constitution.